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FAHRenergy Maintenance page

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FAHRenergy Maintenance

The maintenance consists of rinsing the core once a year for normal domestic purposes. In dusty environments core rinsing will be needed more often.

Rinsing The Core

Note: The core consists of fine membranes in order to obtain optimal efficiency. The core must be handled carefully to prevent disruption of the membranes. 
Only dust can be removed.

Gently loosen the 4 ducts form the FAHRenergy unit. Gently place the unit in a bathtub (or similar) and rinse the unit with a gentle, lukewarm shower beam. 
Direct the gentle shower beam into each of the 4 duct connections for 1 minute per connection.

DO NOT shake the unit. Just place it vertically to allow it to drip dry for 30 minutes or more. After this period the fans and internal electronics are sufficiently 
dry to operate correctly.

Rinsing the core

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