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Get Fresh Air Yet Prevent Insect Entry

In many areas insetcs are abundant. Open a window and/or
a door and the insects enters as well.

The common house fly is a nuisance and can spread desease.
It is fast. Swatting it often results in the soup spreading all over.

Bluebottles create havoch in the kitchen as they settle on
the meat.

Wasps scares many. Their entry have disrupted the inactivity
or activity for most of us.

Mosquitos enter happily through an open window during the
night. They often go for the ear. The attacked person awakes
and runs around to swat the blood sucker.
The swatted mosquito leaves a blood stained spot on the wall!

 FAHRenergy heat recovery ventilators completely remove
 the chances insects have to enter your                                    
 house, office, greenhouse, conservatory, staple.........

 Apart from the brief moment when you open the door to enter or
 leave, insects are kept outside.

Greenhouse with Fresh Air Heat Recovery

Snail bite in cucumber
Insect free greenhouse with FAHRenergy HRV
Keep insects and snails out of your greenhouse:
Do not use a thermo window opener as insects fly in
and snails crawls in through the open window.

Use a FAHRenergy HRV with On/Off heat control.
This gives lots of fresh air and conserves the temperature.

FAHRenergy HRV's stabilises the inside temperature:
'Heats' when it is cold. 'Cools' when it is warm.
Obama swats fly

A snail killed the cucumber.

The only place the snail could
enter was through the window.
Conserve the heat when it is cold

Conserve the cold when it is warm

292g tomato

On/Off plugin thermostat

 Don't let the snails in
Nectarine and tomato grown in
the greenhouse shown above
Nectarine grown in FAHRenergy HRV greenhouse
Ripe nectarine grown in FAHRenergy HRV greenhouse
Huge tomato grown in FAHRenergy HRV greenhouse

Conservatory saves energy with FAHRenergy HRV

A FAHRenergy HRV gives
fresh air to the conservatory
and saves energy.
No insects, no greenfly.
These greenhouses have no window. Temperature and
air is controlled by the FAHRenergy Ultra HRV.
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The fly will annoy you if it gets in.

CNBC's interview office needs a
Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilator
Obama Swats Fly