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How many FAHRenergy HRV's do I need?
1.25m³ of air per square metre floor area.
Generally one FAHRenergy Medium or Power on the lower level and one on the top level. See Installation
Small, silent, FAHRenergy Medium supplies fresh air to a small office.
Clean Energy
Reused energy is clean energy.

What Do I Save?
1. Reduced energy consumption
2. An expensive dehumidifier is saved
3. Power consumption of a comparable dehumidifier (370w) running all year uses 3241kwh
4. Expensive air cleaners
5. Reduced house maintenance
6. Reduced doctors bill
7. Mosquito net

What Do I Win?
1. Better health!
2. Increased house value of around €1500.00 per FAHRenergy system.
3. Reduced energy bill the value of which increases year on year.
4. Every year, since 2000, the energy price has risen 30% and this will continue for many years to come. The value of the recovered energy increases 30% year on year.
5. Recovered energy is utterly free: No charge. No pollution.
6. Same temperature from floor to ceiling is perceived as warmer. This allows for a lower room temperature and thus saves energy.
7. Assists you in covering the Energy Declaration which all in EU must adhere to.
8. Your windows need not to be opened. The value of closed windows:
10. Reduced tuberculosis risk. See Tuberculosis

What Does It Do?
FAHRenergy’s Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) recover the energy from the old stale air and transfer this energy to the fresh air it pumps into the house.
In other words: The cold fresh air is heated up by the energy recovered from the old warm stale air. Due to the COP being around 20 the cost of recovering the energy is negligible.
"Coefficient Of Power"  (COP) is the relation between the POWER used and the POWER recovered.
See Understanding Efficiency     Begripa effektivitet

Where FAHRenergy HRV’s Are Best
High efficiency, high COP, low voltage (12vDC), low power, low weight and small size allow for installation almost anywhere:
Single or two storey house, summer house, caravan, boat, conservatory, cellar, greenhouse, garage, light industry etc.

Real Life Test
Real life tested in our Laboratory House in Sweden. The 2 year test has proven the system down to –18ºC and up to +32ºC outside air temperature.
Installation in several 100 year old family homes with mould and radon has proven the value of FAHRenergy HRV’s.
Office installations in factory and pump stations where energy from poisonous gases had to be extracted adds to the proven value of FAHRenergy HRV’s.

Light Industry And Office
Solder work stations, glue tables, welding, laser printers and copiers, smaller offices, kitchens, storage rooms, cloak rooms, …..