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FAHRenergy Solar and Power Fresh Air Heat Recovery
Ventilators are light weight, low noise, small, low voltage, high
CoP and supplied with DIY installation brackets.
These features make it easy to find a suitable place to install a
unit. The low weight and small size allows for the entire job to
be done by a single person.

The FAHRenergy units may be placed in any position: On a
wall, on the ceiling,on the floor, in a cupboard, on the loft, under
the floor, in the cellar etc
The low weight allows for the unit to be screwed directly into a
gypsum wall..

  Do something today to make tomorrow better
Two Bedroom Installation
Two bedroom installation sketch

 Sketch showing a two bedroom installation.
By using existing ventilation in the wall for
'Old Air Out', only holes to the loft and the
cellar/crawl cellar is needed.
FAHRenergy in a cupboard
Installation Bracke

FAHRenergy Power installed
in a cupboard

Installation Steps:
  1. The installation position has been selected.
  2. The 'Old Air Out' has been connected to existing wall hole
  3. A hole for 'Fresh Air In' has been made to the loft/cellar
  4. Connect the power
Connect the 18W SMPS Power by plugging the SMPS
power supply into a wall socket.
Plug the low voltage lead to the FAHenergy unit

This is all you need to get FAHRenergy working for you.

Thorough installation information is available in the Installation Manual>>

PDF Installatopn Manual (Adobe)

Existing trickle ventilation 
hole may be used for 
'Old Air Out'.

Ventilation Concealed

   Ventilation Grid Concealed In Lamp

Make it look pleasant

Installation bracket screwed 
directly into a gypsum wall

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Existing ventilation hole