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Containing Tuberculosis

Assisting WHO in its quest to inform the public about TB

On Page 44:

In Russia, for example, between 10 000 and 30,000
prisoners are released each year with active TB.

Recent study in New York showed that 80% of all
MDR-TB cases can be traced to jails and prisons.
Molecular biologists subsequently determined that
the New York MDR-TB strains had spread not only into
New York's public hospitals and homeless shelters, but
all across the United States as well.

The following are extracts from the WHO document:


On Page 35:


On Page 6:

Writing in his journal in 460 B.C, the great thinker
Hippocrates speculated that the coughing many of his
patients endured seemed to have something to do with
the air they breathed.…. 

On Page 9

Tuberculosis is the single greatest curable
infectious killer in today's world. 

Although the incidence of disease
is concentrated in the developing world,
there is evidence to suggest a new

resurgence in industrialized countries.

Drug-resistant TB and non-resistant TB
have the capacity to spread rapidly across regional

and national borders.
In the past decade alone, MDR-TB outbreaks have 

occurred in some of the world's richest countries, 
including Italy, the United States, and England.

A new TB strain called XDR-TB is extra resistant
against any treatment. See: Wikipedia XDR-TB

In London, for example, the number of cases has 
risen by 80%, while one area of the city now has a 

rate of TB higher than China's.

On Page 22:
TB is too often a death sentence for people with AIDS.
• 50% of people with HIV/AIDS will develop TB.
• Having HIV makes it 30 times more likely that a primary
TB infection will develop into a case of active TB.
• For an HIV positive person who contracts TB, the
average life span is 5-6 weeks after infection.
• An estimated 15% of all new cases of TB are also
infected with HIV.
• About 11 million people are dually infected with TB
and HIV.

Together, TB and HIV/AIDS have created a catastrophe
of unprecedented global proportions.

On Page 23: TB has a compounding effect on HIV.
The virus, like M. bacillius, can remain dormant for years before 
developing  into a case of AIDS. Inhaling a TB bacterium, though, can trigger 

HIV to develop into full-blown AIDS.

On Page 31:
What is MDR-TB?
Multidrug-resistant tuberculos (MDR TB) is a form of
tuberculosis that is resistant to two or more of the drugs
used for the treatment of tuberculosis.

How does MDR-TB develop?
Resistant forms of the disease occurs when the bacteria

survives repeated antibiotic attacks and then passes this
ability on to its progeny, or children.

How do you get MDR-TB?
There are at least three different causes of MDR-TB:

1. Inadequate treatment

2. Improper use of the anti-TB medications.

3. Exposure to someone with active MDR-TB.

Can MDR-TB be cured?

MDR-TB can be cured - but treatment for MDR-TB is
much more expensive and difficult. Treatment ca
n require
up to 24 months, and is sometimes 100 times
more costly
than regular treatment regimens.

Extract from:

Extract from:

TB kills someone approximately every 20 seconds — nearly 4,700 people  every day, or 1.7 million in 2009 alone, according to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO). TB is second only to HIV as the leading infectious killer of adults worldwide. It is among the three greatest causes of death of women aged 15-44 and is the leading infectious cause of death among people with HIV/AIDS

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